Cape Cod Collaborative

Program and Other Positions

Speech & Language Pathologist / Therapist

This part-time position could become full-time employment.

Responsibilities include:

  • Treatment of speech and language problems for students, and evaluation of students' speech and language skills as related to educational, medical, social and psychological factors;
  • Provision of counseling, guidance and language development therapy to handicapped individuals, reviewing individual files to obtain background information prior to evaluation to determine appropriate tests and to ensure that adequate information is available;
  • Administration, scoring and interpretation of specialized hearing and speech tests and implementation of individualized plans for assigned students to meet individual student needs, interests and abilities;
  • Evaluation and monitoring of students' progress, reviewing treatment plans and addressing individual performance to modify, change or write new programs;
  • Maintenance of records as required by law, policy and administrative regulations;
  • Attendance of meetings and conferences, and participation in other activities to promote professional growth.

In order to adequately perform the professional and complex duties of this position, a minimum of a masters degree (or equivalent) in speech-language pathology is required. Massachusetts Speech-Language Pathologist license is required.



The Cape Cod Collaborative has an immediate opening for a special needs paraprofessional at the Waypoint Academy in Sandwich, MA. The well-qualified Paraprofessional must have an Associates Degree or higher (or the ability to pass the ParaPro Test). Experience with students with moderate or significant special needs, including autism and behavioral disorders, is preferred.

Requirements include:

  • Ability to physically and emotionally manage students with significant behavioral needs, with support.
  • Ability to work directly with students for academics, social skills, life skills and/or vocational tasks.
  • Ability to work in a team format, accept feedback, and seek information.


Interested parties should submit resume, cover letter and letters of reference to:

Beth Deck, Human Resources/Personnel