Cape Cod Collaborative

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

STEM Pathways and Modules

The STEM course format has been redesigned to better accommodate both new and returning students.  Three STEM "Pathways" have been created:

  • Pathway I - Power Engineering & Renewable Energy (Module I-A), Discover Science on Cape Cod (Module I-B), Navigation (Module I-C)
  • Pathway II - Remotely Operated Vehicles and Their Use in Oceanography (Module II-A), Marine Environmental Issues (Module II-B), Ship Handling (Module II-C)
  • Pathway III - Emergency Management (Module III-A), Chemistry of Water (Module III-B), Strength of Materials (Module III-C)

Each Module will involve 4 days (3.5 hours per day) of exciging hands-on study, which will include demonstrations and interactive work with world-class technology and state-of-the-art science labs.  Please see the
Parent-Student Catalogue for Module descriptions.

Humanities Courses

Students will select one elective Humanities Course (105 minutes per day):

  • Course I - Improve with Improv I
  • Course II - Improve with Improv II
  • Course III - Improve with Improv III
  • Course IV - Memory Book Writing and Publication
  • Course V - Painting and Drawing
  • Course VI - Critics Corner
  • Course VII - Musical Creativity
  • Course VIII - Superheroes - Real and Imagined

Course descriptions can be found in the Parent-Student Catalogue.