Cape Cod Collaborative

Student Eligibility

Student Eligibility

A student is eligible to participate in the Advanced Studies and Leadership Program if:

  1.  The student is entering grade 8 or 9 in September.
  2. The student is enrolled in a public school within a member district of the Cape Cod Collaborative.  (Note: a limited number of seats may be made available to public school students from non-member districts.)
  3. The student has sufficient background, potential, and commitment to profit from the courses and residential environment being offered.

Student Selection

Approximately 2010 public school students will participate in the program on the basis of:

  1. History of academic achievement
  2. Interest in subject area to be pursued
  3. Current teacher recommendations (two)
  4. Guidance Counselor and/or Principal recommendations.

In order to qualify for participation in the ASLP, students must have achieved, on the most recent administration of the MCAS or PARRC tests, a combined score in math and in English or science that is within the top 15% of the combined math and English grade level scores for the district.  Note: These scores will span two years. For students entering grade 8, scores to be utilized would be math in grade 6 and science in grade 5; for students entering grade 9, scores to be utilized would be math in grade 6 and ELA in grade 7.