Cape Cod Collaborative


STAR Program

S Self-care, Health & Medical Needs, Physical Development
T Therapies: Speech/Communication, Occupational & Physical
A Academics (Content-based, functional & pre-vocational skills)
R Regulation of behavior & social interactions; Ability to Learn

The S.T.A.R. Program supports students with special needs, referred from their sending districts, who require a structured program with high levels of supports. The program is developed for students with varying needs: significant multiple disabilities, cognitive, communication, behavioral needs (including the Autism Spectrum Disorder), elementary age students with emotional-behavioral disorders. We strive to meet the individual needs of our students in an effort to support each student's potential and aid in their growth.

Our Public Day Program places emphasis on building independence, maintaining appropriate socialization skills, improving academic performance and life skills. Therapies are integrated within all activities to encourage independence and improve access. Behavioral needs are supported through direct instruction and a foundation of applied behavior analysis and positive behavior supports. When necessary, individualized plans are developed by the team for medical (IHCP) or behavioral (IBSP) needs.

All referrals for the Cape Cod Collaborative S.T.A.R. Program must come through a student's home district. The Cape Cod Collaborative provides services and programming as an extension of the public schools. Member districts, as well as non-member districts, may make inquiries to the Program Director.

For more information, contact:

Anita Woods, Program Director

508-420-6950 x 1115



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