Cape Cod Collaborative


S.T.A.R. Contact Information

Address: 418 Bumps River Road, Osterville, MA 02655
Phone:    508-420-6950
Fax:         508-420-6959

Please note: The Cape Cod Collaborative will be changing phone systems on October 5, 2016.  New extension numbers are noted in parenthesis.
Email Address
Anita Woods,Director of Special Education Programs 1115
Irene Decoteau, Administrative Assistant 1137
Marette Power, School Nurse 1117
Peggy Brooks, Social Worker 1127
Julia Bryant,  Assistant Program Coordinator, BCBA 1132
Classroom Teachers:    
Sarah Beckner 1130
Kristen French 1124
MaryKate Healey 1128
Jennifer Heinlein 1129
Naomi Leather 1142
Phil Nobile 1131
Tristan Reilly 1125
Rosemarie Sage 1140
Melissa VanEssendelft 1138
Bruce Boren, OT 1116
Leah Brodeur, PT 1116
Emilie Cataldo, PT 1116
Linda Dillon, OT 1116
Suzanne Greenberg-Carroll, SLP 1150
Beth Kerr, COTA 1116
Margaret Curran, SLPA 1150
Dana Leach, PTA
Lee MacLeod, SLP
John Nathan, PT
Nancy Radosevic, OT
James Abbott, PT
1118 or 1119