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Waypoint Academy Programs are designed to provide a highly structured academic setting for students experiencing serious difficulties within their local schools.  The programs accept students ages 10-13, and 13-18 for an initial 45-day placement.  Long term placement is available for all students following the initial 45 day placement based on an IEP Team determination.  Diagnostic assessment of the student's functional behavior patterns and learning styles and preferences are collected to assist in placement decisions beyond the initial period.  Every effort is made to identify in-district resources and services that can meet the student's learning needs.

I. Adolescent Diagnostic Program

II. Adolescent Treatment Program (High School)

III. Adolescent Occupational Training and Treatment Program

IV. Combined Latency Diagnostic and Treatment Program (Middle School)

The program incorporates Therapeutic Services to provide students with clinical supports to help enable them to access grade level curriculum, socialize appropriately, develop healthy communication skills and develop coping strategies that can be carried into independent life and into the workforce.
New Directions: Brain Training and Executive Functions
Waypoint Academy Bullying Policy
Waypoint Academy Program Description