Cape Cod Collaborative

High School - Adolescent

I. Adolescent Diagnostic Program

Projected Enrollment: 12 to 15 Students
Ages: 13-18 years

This program is utilized for:
(1) an interim placement for serious discipline and behavioral problems that could result in a student's expulsion;
(2) students undergoing eligibility determinations for special educational services;
(3) Functional Behavior Assessments completed by the Clinical Team.

II. Adolescent Treatment Program (High School)

Projected Enrollment: 15-20 Students
Ages: 13-18 years

This program accepts students requiring long-term (one year or more) highly structured therapeutic services for academic achievement and social skill development. Students are serviced according to their IEP with an emphasis on preparing them for transitions into less restrictive settings as they acquire the necessary skills and resources for success.

III. Adolescent Occupational Training and Treatment Program

Projected Enrollment: 10-12 Students
Ages: 16 years and above

The program prepares students to meet the state mandated requirements, as well as the sending school districts' credit requirements for graduation. It helps students explore occupational options and provides opportunities for pre-employment experiences in addition to information and support regarding education and training options beyond high school.