Cape Cod Collaborative

Project Assist

Project Assist (PA) is a service that originated in 2005 at the request of local Superintendents of Schools who recognized the occasional need for consultative assistance with school initiatives.  These school activities be inordinately time consuming due to their complexity and timing.  In essence, this service is targeted assistance wherein a school district, as the client, defines the scope of services desired and PA aligns specialized human resources and proven paradigms for success. 

PA has offered highly qualified expertise to school superintendents and school committees in their effort to provide school services that are competent, efficient and cost-effective.  PA employs consultants with demonstrated skills who are typically drawn from the ranks of experienced Superintendents, Business Managers, Administrators of Special Education, Principals and Transportation Directors.

Our staff of consultants can be available on short notice and for varying lengths of time, including multi-year projects.  Both informal and formal assistance to districts is provided in the following areas:

  • State Audits (DOE, DOR, PQA, EQA, SBAB Assistance)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Accreditation (New England, Massachusetts, Vocational Schools)

  • School Finance (Chapter 70, Special Education, Circuit Breaker, Regional Districts)

  • Data Analysis (Municipal Finances, Town Population/Growth, District/Regional Finances)

  • Evaluations

  • Transportation (Bids, SPED Programs)

  • School Building/Renovations (Training Building Committee, Finance Analysis, Financial Projections)
  • Training (School Committee, Individual Administrators, Administrative Team)
  • Negotiations (Teachers, Central Office, Secretarial Staff, Nurses, Maintenance, Paraprofessionals, Transportation Contracts)
  • School Maintenance
  • Grant Development
  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Reports
  • Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) Analysis (Regular Ed./Vocational Programs, Curriculum)

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Joseph Gilbert

508-420-6950 x 12