About the Cape Cod Global Education Initiative

The Cape Cod Global Education Initiative is an attempt to provide cultural awareness, professional development and exchange opportunities for the students, educators and families of the districts in our region. In that effort, we have formed a working alliance with BostonIvy Education, which has allowed us to create many sister school relationships, through which these opportunities are realized.

Two-Way Student Exchange

Over the past four years, numerous elementary and secondary groups of students from the Daxing School District in Beijing, have visited their sister schools on Cape Cod. They spend approximately ten days living with families of their host siblings, attending classes, and experiencing the unique environment and attractions of Cape Cod.

In 2019 a group of Cape Students from the Sandwich school district will be traveling to Beijing for a reciprocal experience.

Professional Development through Faculty Exchange

Since 2017, a number of Cape Cod teachers have visited Daxing expressly for the opportunity to share various instructional strategies and techniques with their Chinese counterparts. These trips have occurred during both the U.S. school year and summer vacation. We hope to expand this effort, by offering semester or yearlong exchanges for teachers from both China and the U.S.

Administrator Exchange

In recent years numerous Chinese administrators have visited our regions schools with student groups to establish sister school agreements. In April 2018, a group of central office and building administrators traveled to Beijing to visit their sister schools. During that visit, they had the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion with their counterparts.

CCGEI Scholars Program International Students Study for a Year or Semester at a Cape Cod High School

F1 Visa may study for up to a year at one of the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program)certified Cape Cod High Schools.


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